This year’s internship has concluded. ¬†Please contact us if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Upon acceptance to the Internship, you will receive resources and training from Cru in raising your support to cover the financial costs of the summer. The most important part of support raising is that you’re trusting God to provide your support, while being responsible to take the necessary steps of faith He is asking you to take.

The financial support covers your travel, housing, food, development materials, Internship event costs, and the Mission overhead costs.

No. This is a non-paying internship. However, many students are able to gain internship credit through their university. Student interns seeking credit are responsible for confirming with their specific university program that the internship will qualify and that requirements are met.

No, this internship will build upon itself during our four weeks together. It is important that you can be available during the entirety of the Internship. If there is an extenuating circumstance, we would be happy to discuss this with you.

Absolutely! This internship is built upon you serving in the skills that you are blessed with and have been developing in your studies. We cannot guarantee that all tracks will have enough applicants for the summer mission, but we encourage everyone to indicate their desired track.

In the application, you will indicate your top two options for tracks. If your top choice track does not receive enough applicants, we will adjust your acceptance to your second option. If neither of your two track options receive enough participants, then we will discuss this with you and find a suitable solution.

Since we are limited to four weeks together, your time is very limited. We ask that no family or friends plan to visit you during the Internship. 

Absolutely! This internship will be composed of students and young professionals from around the globe. All are welcome to apply. 

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