This year’s internship has concluded.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Use your skills
for the Ministry

The 2024 Internship in Global Operations
will be in Chiang Mai, Thailand

5 July - 2 August 2024

This summer mission features internships with Global Operations & Fund Capacity Specialist area tracks, obtaining training and working on projects that national ministries have requested.

The Internship in Global Operations (I-GO) will be at an office in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Students will participate in a common summer mission experience while interning in tracks such as: Finance, Technology, Leading With Information, Conference & Event Planning, and Design

Evangelism focus and experiences: Includes campus and community outreach. We will connect with local campus and community teams to do outreach and you will be trained in a variety of tools for evangelism, including polishing your 3-minute testimony. We plan to do outreach each Saturday.

Cross-Cultural focus and experiences: We will have a very diverse set of participants from around the world and get to learn their culture and experience. We will share cross-cultural learnings and host International dinners. Being in another country also means we will experience full cultural immersion though English will be the primary language.

Discipleship focus and experiences: We will have small group Bible studies and men’s and women’s times. This time is part of the discipleship process of integrating faith and work. There will be daily worship and prayer times, weekly times individually with a discipler/mentor, and opportunities to hear the vision for mission in operations from our Vice President and global leaders.

As a result of going on this project you will be prepared to be a multiplying disciple on your campus, learn how to integrate faith and work, gain International summer mission experience, and be able to apply what you have learned to your course of study or operations career.

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Application Deadline is February 29th